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Livity International Sound System
Livity International Sound System is dedicated to the upliftment of all hearts and minds "Reggaematically".

Having loved Reggae music since 1972 when introduced to two awesome songs by Jimmy Cliff "The Harder They Come" and "Many Rivers To Cross" Livity has always stayed true to the underground Roots Foundation of this genre.

With the amalgamation of the words LOVE and UNITY the sound name "Livity International" was chosen to represent the true nature of this Sound System. Providing the best of the UK and JA Sound System experience
(old and new). Livity International is the Sound System of the future, there are no CDs and no Vinyl at a Livity "all-digital" session. This allows the sound system to meet most requests for any Roots Reggae song on-demand and without the labour suffered by other traditional sound systems.

Co-founder of the USA Reggae Roots & Dub Expo which includes other sound systems on the East and West Coast of America.
Also co-founder of the "Totally Conscious Collective" which includes the following Roots Reggae Sound Systems and Artists (Livity International, Fasimbas, WildFiyah Rootikal and I-Warriyah (currently with King Alpha Sound System in the UK).

Affectionately know as "LIVIGENE", Livity International is Empress Abi aka "Abigene" and Livity.  Now residing in Grand Bay The Commonwealth of Dominica, Livity International continues to unite the world through positive and conscious reggae music.
Current Projects & Involvements

Reggae Roots & Dub Livications

Broadcasting Live & Direct every Saturday 11:00am - 2:00pm (local time) from Grand Bay's own "Radio En Ba Mango" radio station "Reggae Roots & Dub Livications" provides the best mix of UK and JA Reggae Roots and Dub selections old and new.

Live & Direct
As part of uniting the world through positive Roots Reggae music, we are paving the way to bring the best Live Sound System sessions straight to wherever you are: in your home, bar, nightclub, dancehall or your car.
To implement this project we flew all the way to the UK to cover the "3 The Hard Way" event, one of the biggest Sound System session of 2012 featuring King Earthquake, Hytal Bosrah and King Shiloh.

A first of its kind for UK Style Sound Systems, we were able to provide our global/virtual family full Audio, Video and Live Interactive Chat direct from Samra's Nightclub in Walsall on April 28th.

We are setting the stage for many who will undoubtedly follow and capitalise on this venture, look out for more of these events in the near future. Check out the event which still holds the #1 slot for the Month of May 2012 here.

Women in the Sound System Business

Having started the initiative of getting more Women involved in the Sound System Business on Jam Radio's Midnite Mass show, Livity International Sound System starts the ball rolling with Empress Abi "At The Controls" again.

Join us Saturday May 26th when Empress Abi meets Livity. The first hour will feature Empress Abi's selections, the second hour will be Livity's selections. For the final and 3rd hour, Abigene and Livity goes tune for tune inna Warrior but Love & Unity stylee.

We will continue to work with Errol Arrawak "King Earthquake" and others in the UK to ensure that the much need change is realised in this traditionally male-dominated business.


Free up your Livity,  Free up your mind!



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